The Caliphate

Disclaimer: partisan spin-media of any network is always useless to society. This is what I observed on one channel.

“There are some people who want to believe this”, was the thought that taunted me in my disbelief, as what I was watching on TV affirmed my incredulous suspicion that some spin is actually THAT outrageous. Salacious and surreal and almost a satire.

It’s true. The way that you always hear it is from the Daily Show and from all those yapping heads, is an understatement. It’s unbelievable. I had always heard it, but only now do I understand the comedy. You see, Glen Beck would be hilarious, if he wasn’t so scary.

Talk of an Islamic caliphate rising on the tide of Egyptian nationalism, is so far removed from the terror of civillians halfway across the world, facing tortures, killings and repression- that whether or not the overblown War of The World’s spin is true, it is suprisingly callous and selfish, even by American info-tainment standards. It’s framed in such a way as to make the very act of questioning its validity, an indication of your naivety or even worse, ‘political correctness’.  

‘We’re putting it all together’ for ‘nobody else seems to be saying it’.  Two minutes is all it will take for the reality to be revealed when we simply do our own ‘research’. 

He really wants us to look into it ourselves, hoping not too move too quickly, lest the ‘pace’ lose any of the viewers. Such concern. It’s a caliphate after all, or at least, that’s what Osama Bin Laden said in that speech which they played.

 How can we make this thing about us?, is a surefire measuring stick for good storytelling on Fox news. So then, the viewer finds that  ‘Is this true’ is a less important question than ‘Is this fair?’ and, hear me now, ‘How can this discussion possibly be humane?’. Are we so skeptical or perhaps, indifferent, so as to treat the dreams of young hopefuls, like a threat? 

 That ratings-positive spin should have somewhow been constructed from the courage of young Egyptians, is a disgusting testament to ethno-centricity. Sad and ironic however, is the reality that some young Egyptian protestors are indeed American in their pursuits. A young woman crying in a Cairo suburb for an unfettered opportunity for opinion.  She clutches her handbag while her university friends form a busy crowd around her as she talks to the news people. Or, a guy in his twenties, passionate and determined, wearing his Adidas knock-offs and waving his ‘democracy now’ poster.

 Young and fresh and attractive and hopeful, and the caliphate. I think that’s it right? 

 Now lets get back to our main story: those Centrist  Democrats taking over congress.


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