The shock

Subscription to the hypothetical God of modern sentiment- the theoretical entity, perhaps a concept rather than a person, alllows for, seems even to necessitate, existential confusion. The minimal importance of a person in the scheme of  human history, no less the planet’s millennial age and the size of the visible universe, makes such consent to smallness important.

Saturn. The scariest planet.

This is what google produced for “Existential Crisis”
(consider “mistakes” + “career suicide”)

How conspicuous then, is the Christian claim. Christians, profess that God became a human to make them his ‘sheep.’ Such talk seems obnoxiously presumptuous in this society, and in this reality of pain and yearning and effort.

For believers, it follows, must believe that they talk to God, not just in that, roundabout, ‘everything happens for a reason’, “I believe in a higher energy” way, but literally, that they speak into the ear of the maker.

To consider, and to believe that this is true, must make these Christians conspicuous too. That the IT, the thing which formed stars and rivers and mountains, every hero and celebrity in man’s history, the stegosaurus and Saturn and YOU, hears you, evaporates the now petty chatter of existential crisis.

It’s often said that reality is stranger than fiction. To be stunned from a coma, shocked from its murky stupor into consciousness, is, surely nothing at all, when compared to this spectacular truth.

One thought on “The shock

  1. I think the realisation of this truth is a kind of awakening, of which an appropriate analogy is in fact the shock of waking from a coma, only to be hit with the hard rough slap of reality.

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