Thanks to Laura from Catholic Cravings (a most excellent blog) for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award, which I most gratefully accept! Laura’s blog has nourished my soul, and, those Catholic paintings are en-chant-ing (that’s three syllables there)

The rules of the award stipulate that I must

l) Acknowledge the giver of the award and provide a link to his or her blog.

2) Copy and paste the award to my blog.

3) Pass the award on to up to ten bloggers.

4) Notify the selected bloggers that you have nominated them.

Thus, I happily point you to “Glory and Rubbish.” Written by Philosophy student Samuel Kaldas, Glory and Rubbish makes the Coptic-Orthodox perspective vibrant and relevant. It has a great pop-culture bent too. Sam’s posts are generous, sincere and corrective for the spiritual person seeking truth. Check it here, you really must, and pay attention to this post, a personal favourite.

Thanks for the award and hope you guys continue to enjoy! You should probably subscribe (that’s too much, that’s pushy, it’s really too much)

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