Hi You! Welcome Subscribers :)

My handshake and “hello!” to those who have kindly subscribed to my home on the interwebs. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it here and continue to pop back in. There’s much to share! And please, have something to eat! (that part of the metaphor is irrelevant, it makes no sense) 

So, you’ve come to my collection of thoughts, my stories and posts, and perhaps thought to stay?

Well welcome!  I’ve already pushed the mess into the closet (some posts didn’t make the cut I’m afraid). So make yourself right at home- Better yet, let me show you around.

Here is my list of TOP POSTS for newcomers to my home on the interwebs, here at DanielNour’sBlog

  • Spirituality isn’t pretentious, it’s the closest thing to home. But, you tell me, by checking out The Neediness
  • The Interfaith Panel vets truth against stereotype, I hope it cuts to the truth for you.
  • The Nest: are you a Von Trapp or a brady? Check out this ironic, albeit harsh little piece about family, suffocation and stereotype.
  • Everyone has two heads: one saps energy, the other creates it- check it, check ittt.
  • Tahrir Square and the so called “Arab Spring” have beguiled me, and former Fox News start Glen Beck  mocked both. SEE TO THIS FRIENDS.
  • In the euphoria of Tahrir, something special happened to Cairo, and I’d love you to read about it.
  • For a story on “Truth telling in the church and mosque,” particularly relevant after all this Mohammad video furor, check out “Candy Conversion
  • My labour of love, about Mary, the Mother of God: I hope Theotokos Part 2 fills you with peace

Well, that should get you started. Once again, welcome aboard, please look around- and, most importantly please comment ! I’d love to hear your thoughts peeps.

Peace XX

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