Go to Egypt!

Tourism in the Middle East has taken a dive turn since the Arab Spring (or was it an Arab Winter? OH YES. OH YES THEY’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND THEY’LL SAY IT AGAIN UNTIL THE END OF TIME)

The point is, with Western caution on the rise, and Egypt’s economy in dire need of cashed up Westerners, this post provides rather engaging footage of REAL EGYPTIANS in their favourite spot “Midan al-Tahrir.”

Ok, well, the footage was taken on a camera phone, and Egyptians do not spend al their time in the square. But you’ll have to hop on a nile cruise, or visit the pyramids, or eat some koshari for yourself, if you want to see the rest of a country that you’ve probably only observed in sound bites.

In the meantime, here’s this, it was filmed on Friday around midday.

Egypt thank’s you for your ticket purchase. You’re very cheap ticket purchase.

Go to Egypt!

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