Egypt in 2 minutes: What you need to know

My brief run down of confusion, disagreement and misrepresentation, or “Egypt in 2 minutes: everything you need to know”

While sectarian conflict continues to plague Arab states with Christian minorities, views of the US administration’s policy toward Egypt remain mixed.

One the one hand, youth protestors and secular-liberals have criticised the charges laid against Mohammad El Baradei and the perceived hard-handedness of the military crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.


Mohammad El Baradei

While supporters of the military, the Christian community and conservative Muslims have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of extremism, violence and fuelling civil unrest. Conservatives have also accused the US of exerting unwarranted pressure on Egypt’s internal affairs.

In solidarity with these moderates (although such terms can be contested by opponents) rallies have taken place as far as Sydney, Australia.

As the protests and the violence continue, rallies like these are sure to continue, in the pursuit of an end to Egypt’s chaos.

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