SBS Cadetship!

Australia’s “Special Broadcasting Service,” whose newsroom I have nurtured a sincere love for in my earnest little heart, is offering two full time, PAID, cadetships. The competition is extremely tough, and I’ve been interested in this for some time. So, I have a month to get a show reel, and two good references, and a professional looking CV together.

Visit there rather funky news site here, and my growing collection of news packages, anchorman stints and pieces to camera here.

I’ve got this, right?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is the patron Saint of Journalists, I ask for his prayers, and your kindest thoughts.

Here’s a little piece to camera I gave IN THE STUDIO during an unpaid SBS internship earlier this year- let’s hope its a primer of even more to come!

Inline image 1

Me with SBS presenters Ricardo Goncalves and Janice Petersen.

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