SBS Cadetship Update

Meeting with a journalist friend tomorrow to discuss my upcoming SBS news room application.


The SBS logo: the beloved precursor to so many late night movies and news presented by the deeply loved Lee Lin Chin and Mary Kostakidis. 

Times, just like Ms Chin’s many outfits, have changed.

Programmes like Insight and Dateline have become noteworthy, while SBS 2 has rolled out content for younger viewers, including  “The Feed”  

Must ready myself for the interview- assuming that my various other submissions make the cut, which will include:

  • A personal statement

This feels as though it’d be a pretty significant part of the process. Have you heard of the CAR method? The circumstances surrounding one’s workplace assignment, the actions taken, the results had.

  • A resume
  • A show reel along with a combination of YouTube or audio links online

If I’m short-listed they’d also like two reference statements.

Now, this sounds all very well and good as a series of bullet points, but HOW, oh HOW, shall I hit all the marks, make a good impression, show my suitability for the organisation’s “aims and objectives?”

The values that have made this channel the trusted provider of multicultural content, with a perceptive and open consciousness of International news, is what I’m being examined on.

“SBS Television: bold, brave, independent”

So, time to go learn a little more about SBS!

Here’s a vid of me breaking down the direction of the network

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