Journalism Teaching

I’ve been busy with applications, my enormous success in journalism is impending and inevitable. Note my humility: that’s important too 😉

But let’s start with two delightful discoveries I’ve made on the Egypt front.

First of all, this fantastic little video about soaring meat prices that have made it more difficult for Egyptians to celebrate Eid Al Adha with meat purchases-  courtesy of the team at Al Jazeera.


Secondly, the relationship between SBS and other news agencies like Al Jazeera has been a point of interest for me. The relationship between the two started in 2011,

(Then) SBS Director of News and Current Affairs, Paul Cutler, said that Al Jazeera will complement SBS’s already comprehensive world news offering.

SBS is the home of news in many languages from around the world, and it’s great to have one of the fastest growing voices in international news and current affairs join our English­ language line­up. Al Jazeera is watched by millions of people, in all corners of the world, and we think SBS viewers will appreciate their fresh perspective on global events.


Finally, after having (excruciatingly!) missed the cut-off for Macleay college’s Melbourne campus’s journalism teaching roles. The University is now offering a Bachelor of Journalism degree. I’m happy to say that I applied for a second Journalism teaching role, fresh of the bat of my year teaching three HSC English students how to perfect their essays.

Incidentally, I need to acquire this Certificate to even qualify for the role: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110.

Any suggestions on that front, Sydney siders?

That’s all for now!

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