Egyptian gunmen open fire on Coptic Christian Wedding- BBC

I’m “re-blogging” this story courtesy of the BBC. The events mentioned happened on the 21st of October, two days ago.

Image courtesy of BBC -
Image courtesy of BBC

Three people, including a girl aged eight, died when gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on a wedding party outside a Coptic Christian church in Cairo.

At least nine others were wounded in the attack in Giza, officials said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Egypt’s Coptic Christian community has been targeted by some Islamists who accuse the Church of backing the army’s overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi in July.

The unidentified attackers fired indiscriminately as people left the church.

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church

  • 6-11 million members in Egypt
  • About 1 million members outside the country
  • Copts believe their Church dates back to about 50 AD
  • Led by the Pope of Alexandria, Tawadros II
  • Services take place partly in ancient Coptic language (based on language used at the time of the Pharaohs)

BBC Religion: Coptic Orthodox Church

A man and a girl were killed outside the church and a woman died on her way to hospital.

“We heard a very loud sound as if something was collapsing,” one eyewitness said.

“I found a woman seated in a chair with lots of bullet wounds, covered in blood. Many other people had fallen around her, including a child,” he added.

Coptic priest Thomas Daoud Ibrahim said he was inside the church when the gunfire erupted.

“What happened is an insult to Egypt, and it’s not only directed against Coptic Christians. We are destroying our own country,” he said.

Another priest, Beshay Lotfi, told Egyptian media that the church had been left without a police guard since the end of June.

The Coptic Orthodox Church is one of Christianity’s oldest, founded in Alexandria around 50 AD.

Christians make up about 10% of Egypt’s population of 80 million, and have generally coexisted peacefully with majority Sunni Muslims for centuries.

Interviews with survivors via Coptic Youth Channel, 

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