Pharaohs in Australia: Sydney Egyptian Festival

Sydney’s Egyptian Festival, was held today (Nov 11th) at Darling Harbour.

The event has been cancelled in past years, as I discovered from my conversation with local Egyptian Politician, Morris Mansour, but was happily back on today!

It was fun for young and old, and the Camel rides were a particular (and smelly) delight.

Camels at Darling Harbour

Camels at Darling Harbour



The situation is volatile and transient in Egypt right now, especially with former President Muhammad Morsi’s ongoing military trial.

Morsi is charged with incitement to commit murder and violent acts during protests at the Ittihadiya presidential palace on 4 December 2012 during clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents. The clashes resulted in the murder of eight people, including at least four Muslim Brotherhood members, as well as journalist El-Hosseini Abul-Deif. Hundreds were also injured in the clashes, and there were reports of protesters being tortured.

-Al Ahram, Morsi Trial summary

Today’s community event was a much needed demonstration of Muslim and Christian Egyptians united by their national pride.



Story also published at Middle East Online .

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