Inspired by Walkleys

After watching yesterday’s Australian Walkley Awards, I’m full of Journalistic fervour. Joanne Mcarthey’s story  at the relatively small Newcastle Herald, ignited the spark beneath the now, nation wide, inquest into the crimes of Catholic Priests. Similarly impressive was the other excellent work in the industry, and this confirms that Journalists are, still, and may always be, important and valuable. That knowledge has been tarnished by  the greed and scandal that has so tainted the industry, but I’ve been reassured.

I produced the following package for CYC, Coptic Youth Channel, around two months ago. It starts with a breakdown of the issues which mattered to Australian voters, and which accounted for the Liberal Party’s election victory this September. The package then highlights the takes of three major Australian parties on Egypt’s season of transition and its coup/popular uprising against Muhammad Mursi: Scott Morrison, now Immigration Minister in the ruling Liberal Party, Fred Nile of the Christian Democratic Party, and Bob Carr, former Foreign Minister of the Labour Party, all showcase different views. It’s generally agreed that the first and second interviewees are Socially Conservative and Economically Libertarian, while the second is socially progressive and more liberal and populist, economically.

Anyway, you’ll understand when you watch. Cheers!

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