Egypt at a crossroads

Egyptians are in two minds.

Many of them are celebratory. Even in the diaspora, they are waving their flags and singing their anthems of praise for Egypt and of hope for its future. The photos below, for example, we’re taken at a Coptic church in Sydney.

Yet, for Egyptians like myself, it seems the case that we “are always choosing between bad and worse” (says Gigi Ibrahim, speaking for the Revolutionary Socialists, on a recent episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) The political prisoners of this regime are many of the same young and women who brought us the revolution in 2011, Journalists are in cells and activists are banned from Tahrir Square.

This is a tense time, and the hopes of young Egyptians, are not pegged on one man, on any man for that matter. It’s systemic reform that we need.

In any case, we all wish and pray for our country’s future, for justice in its courts, freedom in its streets (what kind of freedom that is remains open to debate) and prosperity for its economy.



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