Couple of new stories!

Have been writing up a storm at CRADIO.ORG.AU lately, where I’ve also been interviewing community figures and experts on social or cultural issues, as part of my series, Conversations with Daniel Nour.  My Conversations series tackles hot topics with expert but straightforward analysis.

CRADIO is a leading resource for young Australian Catholics, offering an incredible live stream of music, talks and homilies. Podcasts are available for download via itunes or the Cradio website, and you can stream to your mobile phone or other device via the tunein app. 

Here are a couple of highlights from the last couple of months!

  • My podcast interview with Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay of the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Australia on the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. An eye opening, frank and important conversation.
  • My story about mounting excitement for the papal encyclical on Climate change and the environment.
  • My story and podcast about Capital Punishment, connected to the execution of two Australian inmates in a Balinese prison.
Iraqi Christians in prayer

Iraqi Christians in prayer

Get to reading and to listening!

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