Mystic Egypt

An adapted version of this story is visible on the website of the Archdiocese of Hobart.

Egyptians are a deeply religious people.

The  Coptic spirituality, the monastic tradition which helped the country retain its unique Egyptian cultural identity throughout Roman dominion, is central to the country’s history.

The photographs below, taken at various monasteries and churches throughout Upper Egypt, help illuminate the importance of Egypt to Christianity. Egypt has been called “the Second Jerusalem” because of its significance as the dwelling place of Christ and the Holy Family for three years.

Still shot of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin at Zeitoun church, Cairo, in the 50’s.

Papal residence in West Asyout.

Transcedental beauty of a Cathedral in West Asyout.

Sanctum erected in West Asyout to commemorate former home of the Holy Family.

Monastery of St Paul the first Hermit, at the Red Sea Mountains.

Its wall paintings date from 1700 AD

It is also said to have been a resting place for the prophetess Miriam during the Exodus from Egypt.


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