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I’m Daniel Nour, a multi-platform journalist and writer, with experience in digital news production, social media management, print and online editorial. I’ve also a keen interest in exploring the migrant experience and especially that of Egyptians in the diaspora, where I’ve been able to use my arabic language skills to great effect.

This is a space to showcase my work in digital and print journalism.

I’ve worked in digital production at Fremantle media, Sky News and Switched On Media.

I’ve also worked as a multi-platform journalist at the Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart, writing for the Catholic Standard, its Archdiocesan newspaper.

For the last year I’ve been employed as content specialist at Caritas Australia, part of Caritas Internationalis, one of the largest humanitarian organisations in the world.

There I’m the editor of the quarterly donor magazine, Caritas News, and also write press releases and news stories, as well as producing video and other online content.

Please have a look at my portfolio and blog on this site. Elsewhere on the internet you can find me at:


and for fun, try

Contact me at daniel@danielnour.com and happy clicking!

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. hello Daniel Nour

    Well ! this is funny. The reason I found you is because my wife and I just had a baby boy and we decided to call him guess what ? Daniel Nour as well. I have the same ethnic background as you also.
    My compliments for the Blog

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