In-depth community stories at UW Madison

My reports on homelessness and community in America’s heartland*

The work was part of my stint as student reporter in the In-Depth reporting programme at the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Community stories written at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Community stories written at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The local politics of a little town in the mid-west, just as cute and equally as intense as Parks and Recreation.

The economic crisis has hit American towns, however, one neighbourhood in Madison, Wisconisn, fights back to restore a sence of community.

“Terrie Anderson, member of the Northside Planning Council, mentioned the ‘Civic-mindedness’ which existed in her neighbourhood, and which was visible in the work of the Northside Planning Council. One event organised by that council during the last week of February, an Alderperson and Mayoral nomination night, attracted a large number of residents, who met to discuss the effect of infrastructure changes, crime reduction and environmental improvements in the Northside.  All residents were engaged and excited, in spite of bigger State issue happening at this time, which might have distracted them.”

Homelesness in the mid-west is endemic. My profile piece of military veteran, Andrew Johnson.

“This story is not new, there are many in the city with a similar experience. What’s more, his experience is not so unexpected of military veterans in America’s mid-west. Johnson has been without steady employment and homeless for ‘alot of years’. Tonight he’s a little drunk and bleary eyed.”

Violence and danger can underly the endemic problem of homelessness in Americas cities.

“Yet the grim reality of Madison homelessness continues for Andrew, who has witnessed fighting, thefts, even stabbings. “I don’t want to end up in the obituaries” he says.”

*(“America’s heartland” may or may not exist)

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