Akmal Saleh comes to Burwood RSL



NOT all comedy is stupid.

For comedian Akmal Saleh, injustice and oppression make him realise how funny life really is, especially after his newest venture into human rights issues.

The Sydney stand-up comic travelled to Egypt earlier this year to commence filming a documentary about the revolution in his home city of Cairo.

“Mubarak is pretty ugly. I wouldn’t mind it being brutally oppressed if it was by George Clooney” he says of the former Egyptian President who was ousted from Government in a national revolution last January.

Akmal migrated from Egypt to Sydney 30 years ago, and has been performing stand-up comedy since 1990. He has acted in films, and hosted TV and radio shows.

“I feel pampered, we’re very lucky being from a country that affords you freedom and privileges he says.”

His comedic style is loose and improvisational.

“Every night is different and every audience has its own personality. Its like a blind date, sometimes it works immediately, and sometimes it takes time.”

“I talk about religion, my school years and…sperm. At the moment I’m talking about sperm a lot.”

He will be performing at Burwood RSL club this Friday.

– By work experience intern Daniel Nour

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