Ashfield youth work under the microscope

MULTICULTURAL youth and social tension were put under the microscope in Ashfield Youth Theatre’s production, The Migrant Project.

Choreographer Aimee Falzon said stereotypes still exist in Australian media.

“I don’t think we’ll see an Asian Macbeth. These faces and these people aren’t represented,” she said.

“They’re typecast. They’re tokenised in the mainstream media. I think Australia is so behind in representing what our culture is.”

Ms Falzon said cultural strains still exists.

“We all migrated yet there’s a lot of conflict just beneath the surface.

“If you can share and understand someone else’s story, you can dissipate a lot of that,” she said.

An Ashfield Council spokeswoman said they had one of the most culturally diverse areas in inner Sydney; 42 per cent of its population were born overseas.

Ms Falzon said the purpose of the project, which ran until March 31, was to help youth communicate.

“They’re embodying multiculturalism in themselves, they have such mixed backgrounds,” she said.

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