Comedic Path to Festival

MICHAEL Hing has plenty to laugh about. Hing started on his comedic path with theatresports at Sydney University and will perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival next month.

Hing says his parents had mixed feelings about his choice. “Once, after watching a soldout show I was on, my dad, who’s an eye surgeon said to me, ‘That was great Michael, really nice . . . it’s not quite as impressive as what I do, I save the sight of

Hing enjoyed performing so much he started his own venue, Project 52. ‘‘I just wanted to be able to scream filthy words into a microphone, so I started my own room where I could do that,’’ Hing said.

From his experience, he has found comedy highly personal, ‘‘It’s one thing to be funny, but there are loads of funny people out there,’’ he said. ‘‘You’ve got to put up with years of terrible gigs before you feel like you’re doing anything worthwhile, and even then, there are always going to be people who hate what you do.’’

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