Egyptian fears reaching home

A YEAR on from the first Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, some inner west Egyptian-Australians still harbour grave concerns about their homeland.

Croydon resident Magda Moussa, who migrated to Sydney in 1969, said there were still problems in Egypt since Hosni Mubarak resigned the presidency. ‘‘Things have changed from a healthy civilian revolution to one controlled by the military,’’ she said. ‘‘The sense of trust in our country isn’t the same as it used to be. It’s no longer home to many people.’’

Ashfield councillor Morris Mansour is concerned Egypt’s conflict could cause problems within Sydney’s Egyptian community. ‘‘Egyptian cultural events at Darling Harbour were cancelled because of fears that clashes between Christians and Muslims might occur.’’

Cr Mansour said while the federal government had condemned violence against Egyptian protesters, it could do more. Burwood GP Magdy Attia, who migrated to Sydney in 1984, said Australian Egyptians were concerned about relatives. ‘‘They’re concerned (about) security and safety issues,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s security mainly though I’m always hopeful that things will change. ‘‘You have to be,’’ Dr Attia said.

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