More print

Youth Conference offers purpose and hope published in the Canterbury, Bankstown Express.

Bulldogs win helps restore Community Spirit published in the Canterbury-Bankstown Torch

The death of freedom in Egypt A piece where I outline the subversions to the demands of Tahrir Square which have been taking place in Egypt, published at Your Middle East.

Coming Back ‘Home’: Reflections from an Egyptian Abroad A piece I wrote about Egyptian identity and Egyptian Unity for Egyptian Streets, promoted by WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” list of top weekly stories.

The Magic of Returning Home: My trip back to Egypt A piece I wrote about returning to Cairo after the 2011 revolution, which was shared 1477 times via

The death of Satire? A critique of Egyptian State TV censorship published at popular Egyptian blog site, “Egyptian Streets”

Sydney In One Day  A guest post written for Travel Bay.

Sydney Style How to make the most of Sydney when time is short, published on the Traveller.


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