Bulldogs win helps restore community spirit

This piece also appears in the Wednesday October 1 edition of the Bankstown, Canterbury Torch.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.45.21 am

Though team spirit swelled high on the field last night, it was the sense of community which made the greatest comeback after the Canterbury Bulldogs 6 point victory over the Penrith Panthers last night.

Scenes of loud jubilation rang through the streets of Belmore, in Sydney’s South West, where supporters from the Canterbury region celebrated the team’s win.

Sam from Greenacre celebrates the victory with his son

“I’m very excited about the win, we were the underdogs and now we’ve made it to the grand final!” said Giselle Gedeon, 28, from Belmore.

However, the team’s victory was particularly pertinent in the aftermath of the Sydney terror raids which sparked such confusion and tension in the greater Canterbury region.

Bulldogs Supporters celebrate their victory in Belmore.

“It’s a great atmosphere, with what’s going on around the world, it makes you just forgot everything. It’s really positive, the crowd and the community feels safer, you see multicultural people living this happy life!” said Sam, 33, from Greenacre.

His sentiments were shared by Theresa Kairouz, 24, from Belmore, who said, “We always get a bad rap, but there’s a mad community spirit here. We sometimes get negative comments, the community here, but as you can see, nothing bad is happening!”

The Bulldogs will play their next game against the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s at ANZ Stadium on Sunday the 20th of October.

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