The Competitive Thanking

Egyptians take to politeness as they might to everything else: too much. They try too hard. It’s simply too much.

The excessive Egyptian table.

English speaking Egyptians say “Thank you” in the same way they provide hospitality, excessively. They say thank you when you say thank you, they say thank you when they’re the ones performing the task, they say thank you when they think you’re nice enough.

Perhaps they think that saying it more seems more polite. It’s more confusing than it is helpful though, simultaneously endearing and pestilential. So embarrassing, septic corniness.

Thanking father for a cup of tea sees him say “thanks.” Thanking my host makes him thank me harder. Thanking a colleague makes him thank me too.

Everyone thanks everyone. It’s counter-productive competitive thanking. They must have to spew to expel the toxic corniness.

Courtesy is helpful. Saying thank you is habitual.

So, Thank you. Thank you so much.

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