The hostile head

Is it possible to experience the ecstasy of thoughtlessness along with the stoic truth and incumbent stresses of your ethics? Can these happen simultaneously?

Frankly, the ‘present moment is peace’ principle (Hello Ekhart Tolle), is shameful, cheap, even sleazy, when it amounts to easy morals too.

How many people make the choice not to stress seem like a mistake through their smelly conduct?

Perhaps you should say sorry to your parents for talking to them that way, stop constantly exclaiming, “I’m too hard on myself!” and consider helping some charities.

‘Hitting the club?’. Stop it, stop that.

It’s true that the described person is caricature. (and this is that caricature)

The ‘source’ produces peace. Do the ‘commandments‘ produce stress? Proper choices and the choice to have peace shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, should they?

The present moment seems counter-productive if you’re not working hard enough to enjoy it.

For example, here’s Somalia.

Check the stats. Pay the Charity. Ease the conscience.



Famine in Somalia
Check the stats. Pay the charity. Ease the conscience.

Created by in partnership with The Washington Post

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