The truth

Matthew Henry says that  “The happiness of those that love God, and devote themselves to his service, is substantial and satisfactory…It is a happiness which will subsist of itself, and stand alone, without the accidental supports of outward conveniences.”

Then he said it,

“Spiritual and eternal things are the only real and substantial things.”

Someone once said that nothing real can ever be destroyed, (that person is  Ekhart Tolle ) and Matthew Henry says that true happiness is substantial. This is a new thought, because nice things seem so fleeting,so erratic, so temporary: ‘happy moments’ happen so unexpectedly after all- like a breeze, or Summer or those few semi-real, euphoric moments you get just before actually waking in the morning. But, maybe Summer  isn’t happiness, it’s nice, yet  happiness isn’t just superficially pleasant experience that gratifies you. It’s more, it’s HIM.


“Spiritual and eternal things are the only real and substantial things.” and, yes, I think I’ve seen this- in those moments where God matters more than you, everything expands, and you see how small you are. It’s true happiness, when you notice that everything runs deeper and broader and wider, he makes you notice how small you are compared to him, he makes you notice how many people there are ! Yet, you’re not afraid, you feel small, yet this truth comforts you somehow. You have to trust him, when you’re reminded (and how could  you have ever forgotten!?) of how easily he could have consumed you.

He made me, He is truth, he exists and therefore I am.

He’s like that, he  makes you notice the second truth, that real universe which is hard to see through this charade. He exists!  you see his mercy and compassion, the heavens, the stars, the multiplicity- the truth in the creation. You can mutter his name in those moments. Self-consiousness ceases. Suddenly, you are one of many, you connect to him, you can see your peers.

The truth is in those fleeting, precious moments where you happily, gloriously, don’t matter, you see Him.

The true happiness of those who devote themselves to God’s service, can “stand alone, without the accidental supports of outward conveniences.”

He is enough, it seems.

(The Pursuit of Happyness, the most popular typo in cinema history)

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