Tahrir Square: ميدان التحرير‎

My major in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Sydney University, means that I spend alot of my time thinking about the popular uprisings which led to the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak in January 2011.

Tahrir Square in central Cairo by night.

Hard truths about the Military Rule published at Your Middle East.

My trip back to Egypt published at Egyptian Streets.

Things are looking bad for Democracy in Egypt published at Your Middle East.

The Death of Satire published at Egyptian Streets.

Coming Back Home: Reflections of an Egyptian Abroad published at Egyptian Streets.

Scan this Timeline of Social media use in Tahrir Square, which was published on a blog called “Tahrir 2.0” in my online media class.

Read up about the notional compliance of Copts promoted by some media, a construct which is invalid when it comes to the crunch: Coptic Christians are persecuted without fair reason.

Immerse yourself in Cairean street life with this little reflection, called The Cairo.

Observe the partisan spin media which demonises Arab protest in The Caliphate.

The Constitution provides an easy account of the complicated circumstances of President Mursi’s new national constitution.

Egypt in Stagnation provides a glimpse of  a Tourism industry in death pangs and the endemic problems which have plagued a country for years. Egyptians abroad, even as far as Sydney, Australia right here.


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