The Society

Though you are confined to your desk, and to the train and then to your home, most of the time, you matter, and you can still come back to society.

May this post help you to pretend that you sometimes consider the news and that you have some connection to human history (even though it’s certain you matter and that such things merely possess relative importance)

This is an eventful time, primarily, in your TV schedule (apparently it’s always Masterchef season), and, also, on this planet, circa July 2012.

So, consider these issues, (that’s “issues’ with the S pronounced as it would be in “silence” or “silly,”) while listening to the appropriately evocative ‘Hurricane’ by MS MR.

This is you

In 5 minutes you’ll be a person, trust me.

#Earlier this month, Malcolm Turnbull supported gay marriage.. but said that civil unions are important in the meantime.”Over time as I have reflected on this question of “marriage equality” I have found the arguments against gay marriage less and less convincing.”

#An overnight sitting of Parliament fails to produce consensus on Australian Asylum policy, three weeks ago. The Greens are totally against any offshore processing (so Nauru and the so called “Malaysia Solution” are no good in so far as Sarah Hanson-Young is concerned. She cried in Parliament. The High Court ruled against the Government’s plan too process refugees in Malaysia, and Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr said that they made a mistake.

#Twenty-two people were killed in floods in Southern Japan which commenced last Thursday, the flash floods also created mud-slides.

#Syrian Massacres continue, in the towns of Homs, and, more recently, Tremesh, where it was feared that up to 300 had been killed. Prospective UN sanctions have ‘no teeth’ against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if Russia continues to support the Syrian government.

#Hilary Clinton visited Egypt last week, where she urged Muhammad Morsi (he’s the President) to have the military move to a patrol position, rather than a central one. In Alexandria, citizens threw tomatoes at her car and screamed “Monica!” (yep, correct, that is hilarious.)

The Shire

#Hilary Clinton visited Israel on Monday, where she said that the US would “use all elements of American power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

#The US Presidential Election happens in three months. November the 6th, to be precise. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have engaged in provocative campaign tactics and are trying to attract the attention of swing states which can help guarantee a win.

#The 30th Olympics starts next Friday night, Friday the 27th of July. The Opening Ceremony is usually spectacular. Security is a huge concern this Games. Our athletes have settled in the Olympic village and have erected three life-sized Emu statues outside of their quarters.  Important people to consider include American swimmer + superstar Michael Phelps and our own Stephanie Rice, Eamon Sullivan and Libby Tricket. The Games end on Sunday the 12th August, that’s only two weeks after they commence. The Olympics is short, you see.

#Tom Cruise finally released/divorced Katie Holmes, or, as some call her, the Child Bride.

#The Shire aired on Channel 10 at 8pm on Monday night. Yep.

#The Dark Knight Rises, rose. Anne Hathaway is a cat, or something like that. This movie is the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It is expensive and is important to some

Now, go talk to people like you have some street cred and some potential.

Thank you.

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